About Our Services



The kinds of disputes that Lise deals with include in particular:

  • Disputes relating to wills,inheritances and trusts
  • Partnership, shareholder and family business disputes and disagreements and the breakdown of professional, business, organisational and personal relationships
  • Contractual, commercial and corporate disputes of all kinds
  • Disputes relating to property
  • Issues arising on separation and divorce including those relating to finance, property and arrangements for children (for married and unmarried couples)
  • Issues arising during the collaborative law process requiring a lawyer-integrated, flexible mediation procedure
  • Workplace and organisational conflict and disputes



  • For individuals, for example to support an individual through conflict situations or to help effect changes of behaviour that may be agreed as a result of a mediation
  • For mediators, as a personal and professional  development activity
  • For groups / teams, providing an opportunity for group development and agreeing a way to manage difference and find a better way of working


Training and educating

  • Workshops and seminars on subjects such as:
    • Mediation skills for use inside and outside the workplace
    • Developing a conflict resolution system in an organisation
    • Understanding our own responses and the responses of others when involved in conflict; how to improve the way we handle our own reaction to conflict and get the best out of others
    • Learning how to deal with conflict in a positive and constructive way for the benefit of ourselves, those close to us and around us, and our business



  • Acting in the capacity of  consultant  rather than mediator, Lise is available to assist parties and lawyers by supporting them in preparing for and as necessary in conducting a mediation
  • Designing conflict resolution systems to include an audit of conflict within an organisation and the effectiveness of current resolution processes


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